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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Curly Hair!!!


I, being a mixed race girl, have curly hair. This, until a few years ago, had always been a problem with me. I'm sure that many other mixed race girls/girls with curly hair have experienced this. I would like to share tips about my hair

1. Never brush your hair!

Now I know this seems weird, but brushing your hair when dry will damage it. Always, ALWAYS, comb when wet and while it has conditioner in. I don't use a specific conditioner or religiously use one, but I do love the smell of Herbal Essence!


2. Use a hair conditioner mask!

Do this at least once a month, if not more. I love love love Moroccan Oil's hair mask and leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes after shampooing. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and looks so much healthier.

3. Trim your ends!

I bleach the end of my hair sometimes and this just makes it so dry! Every 1 - 2 months I trim my ends and every 6 months I have a "good cut". Recently, when I went to my hairdressers I told her how I felt the ends were far too dry and when she done my "good cut" I genuinely could not believe the difference! My hair literally had a new lease of life!! Also, make sure your hairdresser knows how to cut your hair, I have been with mine for years and she knows exactly how I like it and exactly how to cut it to make it look good.

4. Know what the style your hair with!

I experimented for years! I used to love the SunSilk styling crème, then they discontinued it! I was devastated, it took me a while to find a product I love. I either used things that made my hair too greasy or too dry. I then came across Shockwaves Mousse for curls. I use a lot of mousse of my hair as I have to have it in place but it doesn't leave my hair looking too greasy and does the job brilliantly. My hair will look good for hours and wont frizz up at all, which I cant stand! I always use Moroccan Oil for the ends of my hair to keep it looking healthy!


I can't stress this enough, it will ruin your hair. I have had my hair straightened about 5 times in my life and I hated it! It just didn't suit me! Also, after repeatedly heat use the curls start to drop, as I have noticed on friends. So many people say to me they wished that they never straighten their hair and that they still had curls like me. I am all for experimenting as I have but I would never permanently straighten my hair as I cant stand it. I regret wishing my hair was straight for most of my childhood.
I hope this helps people with hair like mine. For years I used to pull it back into a pony tail as it used to stress me when one bit of frizz emerged, but I learned to love my hair. It's not perfect but it's me!!!


Billie xxx

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