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Wednesday, 14 May 2014



I have recently come back from holiday in Malta and have realised a few things...

 - No matter your skin colour, you can still burn! Now, this might be obvious but silly here forget to put sun tan lotion on my face and it burnt, oh and I also had sunglasses on so for the first three days I was walking round with a red face with white circles around my eyes. Sun damage causes wrinkles...lotion up.

- The sea makes your skin oh so dry!!! I have dry skin anyway and only took Vaseline cream with me, this didn't work. I swear by Lush's Dream Cream! It's so good for my dry skin but I managed to forget to put it in my suitcase. Now I am home and in bed, following my bath, I have slathered it all over for it to work its magic over night. For me its a night time cream that can work over night and I do use Vaseline during the day. Now my skin looks lovely a healthy and I can show off my little tan without my skin looking dry.

- Water is everything! I know this is standard but hot temperatures and all day sun bathing means serious water consumption. I find I drink water alot quicker when away because I hate drinking it when it gets hot. 

- England is too cold! It hit 29 degrees in Malta and it's only May! Why can't England be like this :(

- My foundation wont match my skin tone at the moment. SO I bought the Estee Lauder BB cream that a lady recommended after overhearing me say I need something darker but not as heavy as my current foundation. I also read a rave review in a magazine, which I cant remember the name of, so thought I would give it a go. I am yet to use it but will let you know how that goes.

- My hair desperately needs a hair mask! It's so dry so I will be using my Moroccan Oil hair mask which I love because it leaves my hair sooooo soft.

Gutted to be back from my holiday as it was so relaxing and just what I needed, but now back to the daily grind and to save for the next one.

Please leave your comments below as to your essentials for your holidays!

Billie xxx

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