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Sunday, 8 June 2014

World Cup!


The World Cup starts on Thursday and I cannot wait!!! I will definitely be trying to watch ALL the games! There are two sweep stakes going on in one I got Greece and in the other I had to work out who would finish where in their groups and who would win quarter finals,semi finals and the final. It's a bit more indepth than just picking out a team to win. At the end I have Germany to win the World Cup.

I always get mixed reviews when I talk so in depth about football from men and women. I always find it ever so patronising when magazines publish "the woman's guide to the world cup". Hello, there are women out there who understand football and are interested, just as there are men who don't have an interest in it. I always find that some men like to patronise by saying that as a woman I know nothing about football, or I find some feel themselves being threatened as a women is stepping in on their territory. Others think it's amazing they can talk to a woman about football. I also find some women belittling me because I love football, some even thinking I do it for attention. Alot of women are interested in football and I love that women's football is on the rise. 

I can't wait for pubs to be open a bit later to show the games, I love how people come together during sporting events! Unfortunately, I don't share the optimism that England will do well. I don't even have them to get out of the group stages in my work sweep stake. I will however, continue to support them, I have my England shirts at the ready to cheer them on. I will either watch the games at home or in the pub!

Who do you think will win the World Cup? Where will you be watching it? Comment below.

Billie xxx

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