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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hair again...


In my "Hair Saviour" post, I raved about my new discovery of the Aussie Curl Definition Serum and said I would try the rest of the Frizz Collection...and I have!

I bought the shampoo, conditioner and lightweight conditioning spray!

The shampoo and conditioner I used like I would any other, but I was a bit annoyed the conditioner is 50ml smaller than the shampoo as I tend to use more conditioner on my hair. As I suspected though after use my hair already felt softer and looked bouncier!!! 

I then used the serum as stated in my earlier post before applying my Shockwaves Mousse. As the weather in London has got hotter and more humid, I found that the hair became an absolute frizz ball. Nightmare. The NEW Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy Conditioning Spray has been another god send, spray on the frizzy bits or all over, pat/smooth down (personal preference) and curls galore. Bye bye frizzy hair caused by humidity.

I just love how the Aussie products have transformed my curls and they are softer, bouncier and less frizzier!

Also, Boots are doing a 3 for £10 deal on all Aussie Hair care at the moment!!!

I really want to try the Dual Personality Conditioning Milk but I haven't seen it in Boots yet so will keep my eye out.

DO you like Aussie Hair products? Let me know below.

Billie xxx

Clearing out...


I always try to clear out my wardrobe/room every 3 months. I say try because it never properly happens. In my mind I am like "anything I have not worn/don't see myself wearing I will get rid of", then I start looking through my clothes like "well I COULD wear this again" and there it stays in my wardrobe! Then 3 months later the same cycle happens!!!

Even when I do make space for more clothes that I seem to buy every week, (I literally live in Westfield!!!) my wardrobe is SOOO over crowded! Yet I always find myself never knowing what to wear. Lets take this Saturday for example, I am off the a BBQ/housewarming and I have like 7 maxi dresses, yet not one of them is what I want to wear, decide to try Westfield and I cannot find a thing!!! SO frustrating!! 

I'm sure I can rustle up something but please comment below if you have any tips on clearing your wardrobe or room out!

Billie xxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Benefit's They're Real Eyeliner...

I love the "They're Real" range at Benefit! I first got the mascara a while back and I am ALWAYS complimented on how my eyelashes look. They are naturally long and curly but this mascara gives them the WOW factor. So when I heard they were bringing out an eyeliner, I had to buy it.

I asked the make up artist at the counter to apply it and I just loved it, I should have taken up her offer of trying it there and then though. I attempted to rush the application for the first time and it went oh so wrong, definitely should've given myself practise time.

However, after some practise I have fallen in love with it. The concept of a gel and pen liner coming together has worked perfectly. It just glides on and stays FOREVER, no re application needed. I need to go and purchase the remover because it just stays on so so so well! Only one or two twists are needed and you have enough product for your whole eye. 

Although some people may begrudge paying £38 for an eyeliner (£18.50) and mascara (£19.50), it is definitely well worth it. 

 Go get this eyeliner!!!

Billie xxx

No more World Cup!

The World Cup is over! 

Only another four years to wait!

At least the Premier League is back next month!

I absolutely love the World Cup and think its fantastic how it brings people together, even people who don't normally watch football. Such a shame England's team is awful! I even managed to come second in my work sweepstake!

Everyone seems to differ in the bet goal of the tournament, I still think it's RVP's wonder header! Other people say Cahills, others Rodriguez. What was yours?

Now it's time to get interested in the transfer market properly and start up my Dream Team! Hopefully I can do well in that too! I hope Chelsea buy some more players so we can win the league!

Did you enjoy the World Cup? Who was your stand out player? 

Billie xxx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hair Saviour


I thought I had my hair products sorted after years of experimenting, but I was wrong. 

I have found the BEST EVER curly hair product. The Aussie Curl Definition serum. Oh. My. Gawd. This has changed my hair game dramatically. Put it on wet/semi dry hair and then style as normal and hello gorgeous hair. 

I thought that applying my ShockWaves Curl Shaping Mousse  kept my hair at its best, but, even with Moroccan Oil, it was always still that little bit frizzy. Well now I just use a small amount of the serum before the mousse and bye bye frizz. My curls are bouncy, beautiful and soft! I don't even need to apply much mousse. 

I cannot wait to try the rest of the Frizz Collection of Aussie, hello curls, bye frizz.

Billie xxx