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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Clearing out...


I always try to clear out my wardrobe/room every 3 months. I say try because it never properly happens. In my mind I am like "anything I have not worn/don't see myself wearing I will get rid of", then I start looking through my clothes like "well I COULD wear this again" and there it stays in my wardrobe! Then 3 months later the same cycle happens!!!

Even when I do make space for more clothes that I seem to buy every week, (I literally live in Westfield!!!) my wardrobe is SOOO over crowded! Yet I always find myself never knowing what to wear. Lets take this Saturday for example, I am off the a BBQ/housewarming and I have like 7 maxi dresses, yet not one of them is what I want to wear, decide to try Westfield and I cannot find a thing!!! SO frustrating!! 

I'm sure I can rustle up something but please comment below if you have any tips on clearing your wardrobe or room out!

Billie xxx

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