Friday, 8 August 2014

Premier League is back soon...


Most people who know know that I'm absolutely football mad and it's not long until the Premier League is back! Obviously I want Chelsea to win it and do well but I do think it will be an interesting season. I can't wait to see how Van Gaal does at Man Utd and how Liverpool fair without Suarez.

My workplace are doig the Sky Sports Fantasy Football League but it's so hard with a money limit on what players you can buy! Last season we did the Daily Telegraph one and I didn't do very well because I kept forgetting to change my team when players got injured or were suspended. I think I was 10 out of 17 or something! 

Chelsea need a striker, I'm not convinced by Costa nor do I think bringing back Drogba was a good idea! And we all know what Torres is like! 

Who do you think will do well this season?

Billie xxx

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