Monday, 20 October 2014

Growing out my eyebrows...

Hello lovelies!

I am having to grow out my eyebrows at the moment due to the fact the lady didn't listen to me, got thread happy, and threaded them WWWAAAAYYYY too thin. Such agg right now! I used to have lovely thick eyebrows but slowly but surely a change of eyebrow lady meant I got thinner eyebrows.

I have been meaning to grow them out for a while but the regrowth has always made me sick because it looks so vile, but my dad laughing at how thin they are not filled in made me realise I really need thick eyebrows back! 

I do love the shape threading gives and its my preferred method of eyebrow shaping but I could cry at how thin my eyebrows are lately!

I suppose this will take a while so does anyone have any tips on how to grow them back faster? Or disguise the horrible looking regrowth? Any tips will be greatly appreciated!!! Hopefully when they do grow out and I get them TIDYED (eyebrow lady read tidy not thin out) up they wont ever be thin again...hopefully.

Has anyone else has some eyebrow disasters?

Billie xxx


  1. Grow them out bit by bit. Wait for a small section to grow whilst continuing to pluck around that area, then grow out another section. Might take time but it means less regrowth showing! x

    1. Thank you, will give a go at plucking! x