Sunday, 11 January 2015



So I soon will be travelling to the other side of the world!!! So I wanted to do a post on essentials I am taking!

1. Backpack!
Obviously! No way am I going to be a traveler wheeling around a suitcase. I've bought an Osprey one that has a detachable day park which I think is such a good idea when I am on little day trips I wont have to take the heavy backpack.

2. Sleeping bag inline
I am going to be staying in hostels so just in case the beds are a bit grotty I can sleep in this.

3. Towel
No this is not any old beach towel, this is probably the best towel I have ever discovered. It is literally the size of a calculator when folded up and its micro fibre and super absorbent. Literally the best thing ever!

4. Waterproof jacket
I am going to hot countries, but some hot/humid countries means random downpours so I figured it would be best just to have one.

5. Insect repellent
Purely because mosquito/gnat bites are the most annoying thing ever.

6. Flight socks
No one wants to end up with blood clots! With so many flights these are probably a wise thing to buy.

7. Wipes
Just in case you need wipes! They are such a good thing to have even on a day to day basis.

Well these are some of the things I will be taking with me! Let me know if there are any other essentials I should be taking!

Billie xxx

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