Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Things I missed while away

Yes, travelling is amazing but it's inevitable you are going to miss home comforts. Here is a few things I missed while I was away. 

1. Food.
My mums roast dinner is the best, any I had in NZ or OZ didn't come close! I found myself craving her roasts! Fish and chips was another food I missed and felt that the NZ/Oz version just wasn't the same. Yes the fish was fresher (I don't eat fish) but the chips were no here near a good, and they didn't have the option of savoloy. Proper pie and mash was another major craving I had, yes they had "Pie Face" but it wasn't proper East End Pie Mash.

2. Your own bed/space.
After a while hostel rooms with get on your nerves, no where to make a mess and just have your own space sometimes I just wanted my own privacy.

3. A proper shower.
I got so excited when the hostel had a good shower. A massive plus for me is a shower stall to put your clothes on.

4. Your car.
Ok maybe this was just me but there was a few times I just wanted to jump in my car and drive off!

5. Your wardrobe.
The ability to just open your wardrobe and moan about having nothing to wear rather than literally having nothing to wear. To just have the choice of clothes!

They probably are only silly things to miss but they are definitely things that I missed a lot. Leave a comment if there is anything you missed while travelling.

Billie xxx

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