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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Things that happen when you return from travelling

So I've come back from 3 months of travelling and it felt so weird for the first few days!

1. I had to wear normal shoes
AND IT HURT. I literally wore flip flips (jandals/thongs) for most of my trip so having to stuff my foot in a closed shoe was word. Within about 3 hours they killed me.

2. Everyone asks the same questions
"How was it?" "What was your favourite place?" and "Where did you go again?" will get asked over and over again. You find yourself felling bored with having to answer the same question, but everyone is just interested.

3. You want to smile at everyone
Then you remember you live in London and no one does that. It seems strange not to introduce yourself every day to someone new or not to smile at someone in the hope they will talk to you. You miss meeting new people and hearing about their lives.

4. You scroll through your Facebook/Instagram feeling sad
Looking at everything you posted while you were away brings back happy memories but it also makes you really sad.

5. You find yourself looking for your passport
You slightly panic when you look in our bag and your passport isn't there, and then you remember you're at home and you don't need it!

6. Food is readily available
You open the fridge and everything in it is yours! You don't have to stick a bag with your name in there in the hope that no one will steal your food.

7. Nothing has changed at home
This will depend on the amount of time you spend away, but for me everything has stayed the same!

Anyone else experienced this or have anything to add please comment :)

Billie xxx

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