Monday, 20 April 2015

Travel Tips

Everyone needs some travel tips before they embark on their journey of a lifetime, so here's mine for you.

1. Book in advance!
I met so many people who hadn't booked hostels in advance and ended up with no where to stay. Instead they had to sleep on the beach or they had to sneak into their friends rooms to sleep on the floor. I always booked in adancve using my Hostelworld app, which was brilliant.

2. Research!
Research your hostels, I made this mistake in Surfer's Paradise and ended up staying a 20 minute walk away from the main strip. Hostelworld allows users to leave reviews, so read them, also look on TripAdvisor  for reviews. Also research the area you're staying in so you know what activities there are to do and where to eat etc.

3. Budget.
Don't run out of money. So many travellers end up doing this due to extra activities. On the Kiwi Experience you sign up to the activities on the bus and end up paying for them forgetting they may not be included in your budget. This also comes into research, look at the activities to include into your budget. The Kiwi Experience do have a handy guide on how much things will cost on their website and booklet. Also, try to pay for things before you leave, which is what I done, so that you only have to budget for food/drink and accommodation. 

4. Talk to everyone!
Everyone is there for the same reason and 9 times out of ten they will want to socialise with you but may find it harder than others. Go to the events that hostels provide if you want to meet people, especially if you are travelling alone. Most hostels will have free walks or quiz nights which will help you to make friends. 

5. Open your horizons.
Don't stick to the normal big standard tourist stuff, delve deeper. I stayed in a Maori Village in NZ and it was amazing as I got to experience their culture first hand. I could have jsut watched the cultural show but I wanted to learn more about them and their lifestyle. If you can find activities like this, go for it!

6. Prepare for things not to go to plan.
It happens. Deal with it, it'll give you a new experience! My bag was left in Sydney while I was in Auckland and instead of getting angry, I dealt with it, called them made sure my bag was coming the next day (even though I did have to call them continuously the next day) and purchased some extra clothes just in case. 

7. Don't sleep in.
Ok there will be some days you really need to rest, but I met people who ended up sleeping in alot and missing out. Don't be that person, get out there! Even if you did have a massive night the night before, getting out and about will help you. 

8. Get some earplugs.
There may be a night where you want to stay in, but the rest of your room want to go out. They will come in late and they will make alot of noise, don't get angry it's going to happen. So get some earplugs and try and minimalise the noise. People will snore, talk to each other loudly and play music while you're in the happens!

9. Keep a journal.
I didn't do this even though I bought one so now I am trying to retrospectively write one and it's proving difficult. I hate handwriting stuff because my handwriting is awful, so having to do 3 months worth of memories is going to be difficult. Added to that I keep forgetting things then remembering later on. Do it at the time!

That's some of my tips, if you have any more please leave a comment.

Billie xxx

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  1. Great tips. It's smart to plan ahead just in case things don't go as expected. That's why I always bring a light change of fresh clothes in my carry-on luggage.