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Saturday, 5 September 2015

What they don't tell you about travelling...

Obviously everyone wants to tell you about the positives of travelling, but I thought I would write a post on the things people don't mention all the time.

1. It can get lonely.
Travelling to a new place on your own and having to start over again getting to know people can be daunting. I really didn't want to leave Thailand and the people I had met due to a bad experience t the beginning. When I got to NZ it was hard for me to get talking to people again but thankfully I met lovely people who made it easy.

2. It can get boring.
Sitting on a 12 hour bus from Sydney to Byron Bay is not my idea of fun and the long bus journies can get boring, especially if they're overnight when people want to sleep. Not everyone wants to sit on a bus talking to their new found friend to them so make sure you have headphones/a book to keep yourself occupied.

3. You will have sleepless nights.
The beds are uncomfortable...they're cheap hostel beds so what else do you expect? If you are tired enough you will sleep anywhere.

4. There is always the annoying "seasoned" traveller.
They claim they have been everywhere and love to give you advised about t he most random things. to think they are being nice when really they're constant bragging is downright annoying.

5. In fact there's always annoying people.
The "daddy paid for my trip and I am so rich" or the "I had to work 5 jobs to afford this" and you are there like well we all wanted to travel who cares how we got here just enjoy it or leave me alone.

6. Budgeting is hard.
You planned your expenses down to the tee, but when you get to Queenstown everyone's doing the bungee and you really want to but your budget says no. At the end of the end you are only going to do this once (maybe more if you are lucky) so sod the budget and do the bungee.

Travelling is the most amazing experience but when sometime is only telling you the positives remember there are a few negatives.

Billie xxx

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