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Saturday, 3 September 2016



I'e been home over a year from travelling. What have I done? Not much really...I went back to Thailand with Contiki in an attempt to curb my need to travel more. Did it work? I'm not sure. I read over a post from a year ago where I said I feel like I had lost myself rather than found myself and I related so much! I'm thinking about travelling again but I am not sure I could hack hostel life, but at the same time I feel like I should have achieved something but here I am in the same position. I still feel lost. I feel like life is flying past and I am just about holding on. I'm 23, maybe I should have achieved something? Maybe I should be doing more. I'm stuck. I can't afford to move out so do I use my saved money on more travel in order to search for fulfilment. I look around me and people my age seem to be doing things. And I am just here. I know I want to go Bali next year, I know I have a list of places I want to go, but I also know that I need to own a home soon, but I live in London is this even possible? I don't really have the money or time for all the things I want to do. Now I am rambling.

I haven't wrote on here in a year, am I sure anyone even reads this? No, but after reading previous post's I felt like I needed somewhere to put my thoughts down. I want to travel, I want to do it all in a year but I want to come home and to be able to own a home and both is not possible. I'm torn. 

I know I shouldn't compare myself to other people but I can't help it when I seem to have done nothing. I feel like I didn't travel enough, I regret not staying away for longer but now I am home I am not sure about an extended trip away in shared dorms. Do I book Bali and book trips around it, or just go to Bali and see.

Has anyone who travelled felt like this? Or even if you have not travelled has anyone felt a little lost in life? I'm not sure what to do with this feeling.

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