Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Foundation Shades!

Welcome to my first post.
I am going start with one of my biggest annoyances about make up...I always find that being a mixed race it is VERY hard to find a foundation colour to suit your skin tone without being too dark or too light. I tried the No7 counter to match my skin tone and found that this didn't actually work and the make up lady had to guess which defeated the point. I relied on the foundation they provided, Warm Sand, for quite some time but always noticed that it was always a little too dark for me. They did try the shade lighter, but surprise surprise, it was too light. This is definitely my favourite foundation that I have tried, it is long wearing and doesn't become to oily or patchy. It covers well and you do not have to use a lot, nor does it look caked on.
On the recommendation of YouTube blogger Lauren Curtis I tried L'Oreal True Match shade Golden Sand, this was the closest to my skin tone but apart from being slightly too dark, I also found that it wore off during the day and became patchy. It also looked to me as it always seemed to cakey.
I am currently trying Rimmel Match Perfection True Nude and while liking the actual foundation, I again am having problems with the shade! Although with this one I do find my nose becomes a lot more oily throughout the day.
I seem to struggle with foundation tones for myself and I'm not sure where the exact problem lies, whether it is with me unable to source a suitable foundation or whether the beauty industry is not catering enough for mixed race skin tones. Although you might say there a lot of tones out there now and it should be easy, it is not. I also find that a lot of beauty magazines cater for lighter skins tones or darker skin tones, and never really depict a mixed race person.
Please leave a comment below if you have found your perfect foundation and whether you agree or disagree with my comment.
Billie xx