Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Hello lovelies.

I know it's another hair post, but I just have to share this amazing Leave-in conditioner I have discovered. 

My mum came home with a sample packet of the "Mixed Roots Leave-in conditioner" and I thought 'oh just another product that I wont like' well how wrong was i?!?!?! I first tried it on Saturday, applied it to wet hair but still put on my Shockwaves mousse as usual, but I could tell there was a difference, normally I have at least one bit of hair that frizzes but all my hair looked really good. I never say that about my hair so I was quite impressed so I wanted to know what it was like on its own. Below is a picture of my hair with the conditioner in and my mousse on top of it.

Oh and that's my friend Rachael!
So Monday morning I applied it to wet hair and combed it through and let it dry naturally as I drove to work, I honestly thought that after 15 minutes I would have a frizz ball on my head but I cannot believe how well it stayed, it was like I had my mousse on but my hair looked so much healthier and not weighed down like it does sometimes with mousse. It actually even stayed nice after I went out in the rain and my hair got slightly wet (I know, so unheard of for curly haired girls). I honestly would recommend this so so so much! I'm gonna order a big bottle from them for sure.

When looking at their site I found there's so much more stuff I want to try and it even tells you which "step" to use a certain product on your hair. There's also videos going in depth about products and what steps to use them in. I'm so excited to sit there and watch them all! These products are obviously made by people who know the trials and tribulations of having curly/mixed race hair.

Check them out at www.mixedroots.co.uk.

Billie xxx

Monday, 22 September 2014

What I have been up to...


I haven't posted in a while as I've been quite busy!

I have just returned from a holiday to Northern Cyprus which was lovely and a nice break. It was sooooo hot and I definitely will be going back there as where I stayed din't really let me explore Cyprus and I felt I didn't experience the culture.

I have an exciting adventure coming up soon which I am yet to reveal but I cannot wait! Also, where I work gets busier once the Winter creeps in.

I have also been interested in the Premier League and how it is panning out and I love how bad Manchester United are lately, they really need to sort out their defense! Cannot believe they had a 3 - 1 lead to newly promoted Leicester then lost 5 - 3! Although I am not best pleased Chelsea drew to Manchester City and Frank Lampard scored :(

Hopefully now I can post a bit more!

What has everyone else been up to?

Billie xxx