Monday, 2 March 2015

New Zealand North Island

Oh New Zealand how you amazed me! Such a pretty country!!! Here I done the Kiwi Experience, which is good but a few admin errors on their part did cause a stir. I started in Auckland and went up to the Bay of Islands before returning to Auckland. Paihia was so beautiful and we were there for a major anniversary of the signing of a treaty between the Maori's and Europeans.

From Auckland we went to Hot Water Beach where supposedly you can make a hole and its hot but the tide was too far in for us to do this. Then it was on to Waitomo where I went caving...OMG what an experience! The glowworms lit up the cave!!!

Then it was onto Rotorua which stunk of eggs!!! This place was different as we stayed at the Maori Village for a night which was amazing! We learnt games, weaving and a song! We ate amazing food after watching a Cultural show and when everyone left we sat in hot tubs and toasted marshmallows.

Next was Taupo where we got to stay 2 nights so I partook in a skydive 15000ft high! Best experience of my life!!! So weird when you're freefalling for 80seconds but so amazing. The same night we sailed on the Lake to watch the sunset. So surreal how you meet new people most days and have the best time with them.

The penultimate destination of the North Island was River Valley which was in the bum f**ck of no where as our driver Simon would put it. It was so pretty and so away from everything and we had such a good night. Although we did have a massive 32 bed dorm to share!

Lastly was Wellington which I barely saw as we got there 7pm and left the next day at 7am. If I had the chance I would have spent the next day there too so I could experience the capital.


Billie xxx